Solving Marriage Problems

Marriage problems cannot be ignored. The consequences of ignoring problems can ruin a marriage. Pretending like everything is fine is not a solution. Problems in marriage need immediate attention.
Marriage problems should be discussed openly, honestly, seeking to understand each other. "Silence is golden" is simply not true, when a marriage faces a disagreement. Withdrawing, pouting and pretending will not solve a marital problem.
Emotions need to be expressed, and that includes anger. Husbands and wives need to candidly discuss differences. Transparent emotions and honest communication clarify misunderstanding. Ignoring a problem never leads to a solution.
All relationships continue to change. There are changing seasons in marriage. Things simply cannot remain the same. When changes come in a relationship, there are new problems to confront. "Why can't it be the way it used to be?" That's another way of ignoring the problems of a new season. It's good to remember the wonderful times of the past, but don't try to live in the past.
Your marriage requires time and attention. Little problems in your marriage must receive the attention they need. Taking each other for granted is not the solution.
Relationships must be cultivated. It takes time to grow in your love for each other. Just being too busy to spend time together can lead to many problems in marriage. Give your spouse time and attention. Your marriage will flourish.
Don't give up hope. True love provides hope. If your marriage has gone through a difficult time, don't give up. Be patient resolving your problems.
Focus your attention on cultivating your love to grow again. It will take time, but that new season will come. It's worth the time, patience, and attention. Love endures through the problems.