Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sexual Problems in Marriage

God has ordained a sexually healthy relationship for marriage. Sex within marriage is never to be viewed as evil or wrong. Scripture makes it clear that a healthy sexual relationship is important to the bond of marriage (1 Corinthians 7:1-7).
The Mayo Clinic staff writers identify two areas of sexual problems in marriage. One deals with relational issues. The other one has to do with psychological issues. While there are other categories of issues hindering a healthy sexual life for couples, these two categories are not related to physical health issues.
Relational Issues Causing Sexual Difficulty: Lack of an intimate bond of connection; Unresolved conflict within the relationship; Poor communication of needs and problems; Breach of trust in the relationship.
Psychological Issues Causing Sexual Difficulty: Depression and anxiety; Stress from work or family; Poor body self-image; Low self-esteem; Physical or sexual abuse.
While nine problems are identified leading to a poor sexual relationship in a marriage, one of them should receive major emphasis. This is poor communication. A relationship is begun and nurtured through transparent communication. Problems are identified through open communication.
Problems of the past or the present not communicated ensures that the obstacle to a healthy sexual relationship will not be removed. The refusal to communicate honestly and openly with your spouse indicates a problem threatening the entire relationship.
Little or no communication within the marriage comes from a fear of transparency and rejection. Your marriage partner must be your safe place. Unconditional love will eventually overcome fear (1 John 4:18). Total acceptance and affirmation is a major need to facilitate open communication.
Psychological and relational issues within the marriage must be resolved before the sexual relationship can improve. Outside of physiological problems, sexual difficulty indicates a problem within the relationship. Honesty and openness in communication are absolutely essential.