Resolving Marriage Conflict

The conflict of different opinions in marriage may be acted out in anger, or a person may emotionally withdraw and become compliant to the spouse. These responses fail to resolve the issues of disagreement. This leads to what may be called a "shouting or pouting" stage.

At this point, the relationship may get stuck in a pattern of conflict. We may get angry and make cutting derogatory remarks. These actions and reactions cause the relationship to spiral downward, and nothing is resolved.

It is important to understand that conflict is normal in intimate relationships. Emotions are felt strongly, because couples are vulnerable and risk being hurt, when they really care about each other.

Your negative emotions need to be expressed without personally attacking your mate. Express how you feel. Listen to the feelings of your spouse.

Married adults don't always agree on everything. Yes, conflict is normal in marriage. Remember these six ways to resolve conflict in your your marriage.

Steps to Resolving Marriage Conflict
  1. Respect your spouse's opinions and feelings. 
  2. Listen without becoming defensive. 
  3. Refuse to play the "I win - you lose" game. 
  4. Be transparent with your opinions. 
  5. Apologize for disrespectful remarks. 
  6. Understand your spouse's ideas and feelings.