Conversations in Marriage

She remembered their conversations before they married. He complimented her, always assuring her of how he was attracted to her. She spoke of appreciation to him as her hero. They affirmed each other. He called her often just to tell her how wonderful she was.

After they married, the kind, loving, romantic conversations slowly became less as time went by. They were replaced with criticism, inflaming arguments, and conflict. At some point, there was more silence than conversation. The silent divorce was soon evident.

Conversations can be very destructive to the point of ruining your marriage. If you want to destroy a loving relationship, have conversations that set aflame contention, conflict, and misunderstanding. If you want to ruin your marriage, there is no faster way to do it.

Courtship conversations included these words: "I love you." Marriage became a reality with conversations of promise. The same mouth that spoke of love in courtship to initiate a relationship can also destroy the same relationship in marriage. Your conversations in marriage are important.

A constant diet of criticism can eventually ruin any relationship. Your mate needs to know of your support. Be his/her number one supporter. Share your needs and ideas in a positive conversation. Be transparent with your feelings and honest with your opinions. However, make sure the tone of conversation is loving and kind. Listen patiently to each other. Remember, good listeners encourage good conversation.

Your conversations make a difference in marriage. They may express your love and create intimacy. On the other hand, they may be destructive enough to destroy your marriage. The choice is yours.