Intimacy In Your Marriage

Intimacy in your marriage comes only through sharing your life transparently. This is so important in your marriage. Transparency with each other requires trust. All meaningful relationships are built upon trust. Intimate marriages are built upon the foundation of trusting each other.

Your marriage without intimacy means that mental and emotional walls have separated you. Those walls may have been built over the years. Usually the motivation for building walls is fear or anger. Open and transparent communication no longer happens. There is fear to be vulnerable to each other again. Intimacy in your marriage needs to be restored.

Intimacy can be restored in your marriage. Transparency is the key to restore intimacy with that special person in your life. Transparency leads to intimacy. Both husband and wife are willing to become vulnerable to each other again. They are willing to share feelings transparently, leading to intimate conversations.

Restoring intimacy in your marriage requires the risk of being vulnerable enough with each other to communicate in an open and transparent way. You talk about everything in your lives. You trust each other enough to be vulnerable. You have no secrets from each other. You discuss your secrets with each other.

In your marriage, silent divorce comes when transparency is closed to each other. Trust is lost. Life is not shared. Intimacy is lost. You still maintain the same residence, but the relationship is dead to intimacy.

There is no hope for intimacy in your marriage, unless you become transparent to share feelings, including anger and disappointment. Transparency opens your relationship to see the real problems, and make the adjustments necessary to remove the barriers to intimacy. Intimate relationships always begin with transparency.