Solving Financial Problems

In marriage, make it safe to talk to each other about any problem, and that includes financial problems. Emotional outbursts and defensive behavior hinders open and honest discussion. Talk about the facts and figures of the problem without blaming each other.

Most couples have money problems in their marriage at some point. Discuss possible solutions in your situation. Look for good books on the subject. Read online articles. Search for websites that focus on family finances. Many other couples have faced financial issues with success. Press on together with determination.

Points to Consider
Decide how to balance income and expenditures. Look for places where you can cut back, at least temporarily. Consider other possible sources of income. Share ideas for discussion until you come to agreement on a plan that will work for both of you.
Be patient in your circumstances. It may take time to resolve the problem. Most of all, be patient with each other. This too shall pass. Impatience will only make a bad problem worse.
Let financial problems bring you together, rather than becoming a threat to your marriage. Be positive and avoid the temptation to blame one another. You may understand how you got into the problem. Rehashing whose fault it may be will not help. Be positive and move forward with a plan that will work for you.
Ask God for help. He may surprise you. Let faith unite your marriage. Pray together about any problem, and that includes financial problems. God cares about you, your marriage, and your problems.
Decide on a monthly budget, including all possible income and expenditures. That's being proactive. Consider obligations and debts that must be paid. Look for areas where you could cut back. Set financial goals and plans. Pull together and not against each other. Be proactive and determined to resolve the problem. Don't allow financial issues to ruin a good relationship.