A Marriage In Trouble

Marriage is the responsibility of both husband and wife. One spouse alone cannot make a marriage work. Have you ever known of a marriage where one partner was doing everything to make it work, but the other spouse did nothing? Such a marriage is in trouble. One person alone does not make a marriage work. It takes two.

Can your marriage be improved? Three suggestions are given to improve the relationship: (1) sincere effort on both sides; (2) view selfishness as the chief culprit; (3) build up one another with love and respect.

Marriage is a mutual relationship. It's not what's best for me; it's what's best for us. Each one is sensitive and understanding of the other. Seek to understand one another. Power plays and manipulation never really work, even when we think that they have.

A mutual relationship can work when both husband and wife do their part. It's not: "I will do my part if you do your part." It's like: "We will do all we can to make this marriage work." Marriage takes two.

Marriage is always a mutual relationship, considering one another. Unconditional love is not: "I will love you, if you love me." Putting each other first is the secret to making a marriage work. That's because marriage takes two.

Seek peace in the relationship. That doesn't mean you never disagree, or fear sharing your feelings transparently. It does mean that you consider the other's feelings. Conflict erupts when one or both partners become selfish.

Give each other mutual affirmation through honest, sincere compliments. Harsh criticism tears the marriage apart. Words of affirmation and approval strengthen the relationship. Make your marriage a mutual relationship.